Print of Participation or Honorable Mentioned Certificates

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This is for all students to print their Honorable Mentioned and Participation certificates  and will be charged the shipping cost based on their destination country.
Please provide the name of the child and any other information(index number, school, country) in the purchase order notes when you checkout to help us identify the student. (Refer to the image on the left, the blue rectangle boxed area)

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This is for students to print their competition with Participation or Honorable Mentioned award only and will be charged the shipping cost based on their destination. Do wait for at least one week or until you receive notice to collect the certs if you opt for Self-Pickup.


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JC 1/2/ Grade 11, Pri 2/Grade 2, Pri 3/Grade 3, Pri 4/Grade 4, Pri 5/Grade 5, Pri 6/Grade 6, Sec 1/Grade 7, Sec 2/Grade 8, Sec 3/Grade 9, Sec 4/Grade 10, Pri 1/Grade 1


Honorable Mention, Participation


AMO 2023, SASMO 2023, SMKC 2023, DOKA 2021, SASMO 2021, SMKC 2021, VANDA 2021, DRCT 2021, SMC 2021, IJMO 2021, VANDA GF INDIVIDUAL 2021, VANDA GF TEAM 2021, SASMO 2022, SMKC 2022, DRCT 2022, VANDA 2022, SIMOC MO 2022, SIMOC MMM 2022, SIMOC MS 2022, SMC 2022


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