Pocket Miku Singing Board (Last few boxes – while store last!)


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Calling for all Miku fans! 

A special edition digital pocket keyboard preloaded with samples of Hatsune Miku’s vocals. The keyboard comes with a selection of preset sounds, while also having a vibrato tool and the ability to change the octave. 

Now, you can have Hatsune Miku with you wherever you are and make her sing whatever you like!

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Release Date:Apr 2014
Item Size/Weight:26.3cm x 18.3cm x 3.7cm / 290g
This issue of “Otona no Kagaku” includes a special digital pocket keyboard that comes preloaded with basic samples of Hatsune Miku’s voice!
A collaboration project between Yamaha and Crypton Future Media, it contains an eVocaloid audio chip and can be played in real time.  It requires three AAA batteries (not included) and is equipped with a USB port, but cannot export data to a PC; lyrics and melody can be imported to the device via a web application. The device has the keyboard, a touch stylus for operation, and 9 buttons.
 Intended more as a toy for entertainment rather than a tool for composers, it’s lots of fun in a small, portable size!

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