Math Olympiad Contest Problems For Primary and Lower Secondary Schools Asian Edition by Dr. G. Lenchner.
The Math Olympiad contests presented these 400 challenging problems and ingenious solutions over a period of 16 years. Aimed at young students, their teachers and parents, the book contains an unusual variety of problems, a section of hints to help the reader get started, and seven unique appendices that inform and enrich, among other features. The Asian Editions

The ASIAN Edition is identical to Dr Lenchner’ s original text with the following modifications:
• Queen’s English spelling
• Changes in nomenclature such as imperial to decimal measurements, and American coinage to Singapore coinage
• All Olympiad questions remain true to the original. In some situations, the answers may differ from the original answers. Great care has been taken to ensure that the purpose and solution methods remain unchanged. Consequently, one-cent coins will still be used even though they are no longer in use in Singapore.