Metal Kit Scorpion


Imported from Japan, these are limited edition 3D puzzles made entirely from aluminium! Channel your inner Scientist and construct up to 7 different types of moveable animal figurines. A wonderful Christmas gift for all ages! Start collecting all 7 of them today!

Any 2 metal kits for $20 only!

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Release Date:Aug 2006
Series:Metal Kit
Item Size/Weight:16.0cm x 9.0cm x 4.0cm / 100g
Gakken’s Metal Kit series features insects that you can build out of metal and bendable aluminum parts.
This Scorpion kit comes with 31 main parts, 7 screws, 7 nuts, and 2 metal springs. It includes 2 types of metal tools (wrench and wrench/screwdriver) for assembling the kit and a piece of sand paper to sand down the metal edges.
Once completed, the Scorpion measures 12cm in length and its claws, arms, tail, and legs are moveable!

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