Electric Steel Drum


The electric steel drum is like no other. It is easy to use; it is portable; it is educational; but most of all it guarantees endless fun for children! 

With this kit, get ready to start the Christmas season with a bang!

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Gakken Otona no Kagaku Electric Steel Drum – Some of the most popular issues of the Gakken Otona no Kagaku science and engineering series have been the musical instruments. This Electric Steel Drum model promises to be another much-loved example. The self-assembly kit is a challenging but rewarding project but if made correctly you can make a drum for yourself.

The kit includes the drum, a pickup that magnetizes to the bottom of the drum, a stand for the drum, mallets, and an 1/8th inch out.

Educate yourself on the sounds of Trinidad and Tobago with Gakken’s Steel Drum Kit.

Put together a four-note steelpan with an 1/8th inch output and ride the soundwaves down to the Caribbean islands.


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