Air Magic Experiment Kit


The air magic experiment is not only fascinating but it is also very simple to set up. Consisting of two balls, some stickers to decorate your balls and, of course, the wind blower, this kit focuses on airflow, the nature of air and its levitation ability. 

Packaged with a guidebook and endless fun, this kit is a must-have for all physics enthusiasts!


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Have you ever wondered what makes airplanes fly? It is air pressure! The difference in air pressure that causes movement is what creates wind or tornadoes and causes airplanes to fly. Let‛s use the Air Magic Science Kit to discover the hidden workings of the air! Air Magic Science Kit consists of 13 incredible magic tricks which will help students understand the basic principles that describe how air pressure responds to and is responsible for various phenomena. This unique, hands-on education kit is guaranteed to create an amazing experience for students to learn the invisible force called air pressure. Let‛s have fun with air!

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