3 Color LED Light


The Kit teaches you everything about light and how each colour interacts with each other. Did you know just with three colours, we can create any colour that’s ever known to man? Not just that, the kit comes with colour plates and a cover for one light! You can even decorate your homes with this kit, just in time for Christmas!

Choose any 2 from Air Magic Experiment Kit, 3 Color LED Light Kit, Nature Observation Kit, Smart Driver (Rush Hour), The Strategy Game & Colorful for only $30!

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With over 6.7 million copies sold in Japan, Gakken Presents combines STEM Education with classic Science themes!

This kit allows you to build a handy LED torch which makes beautiful patterns from the three primary colours of Light.

Children can learn and understand the mysterious properties of Light by just illuminating the objects using this torchlight. Includes an easy-to-understand guidebook (in English).

This kit is suitable for ages: 8+

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