• The electric steel drum is like no other. It is easy to use; it is portable; it is educational; but most of all it guarantees endless fun for children!  With this kit, get ready to start the Christmas season with a bang!
  • Ever wanted to build and program a robot that could do your homework for you?  Look no further,  Automa-te can be built programmed to write anything you want! A wonderful gift for robotics and coding enthusiasts.  With this kit, get ready to spend every day of your holidays coming out with creative text, all done by a robot!
  • Have you ever wondered how a speaker works? Or how it can amplify a sound? This kit gives you a brief, simple but clear explanation of how it works. Not only that, but you also have your own portable speaker as well! A must have for physics enthusiasts!
  • Designed by French Mathematician Édouard Lucas in 1883, this famous Math puzzle is a brain-teaser that involves the use of algorithms to sort different sized discs. This puzzle is a must-have for children to develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills, while having endless fun!
  • Calling for all Miku fans!  A special edition digital pocket keyboard preloaded with samples of Hatsune Miku's vocals. The keyboard comes with a selection of preset sounds, while also having a vibrato tool and the ability to change the octave.  Now, you can have Hatsune Miku with you wherever you are and make her sing whatever you like!
  • Challenge yourself with hundreds of enjoyable puzzles with friends and family! Train your cognitive thinking through challenges with thousands of levels of difficulty.  A great game for bonding with your loved ones ! 40 new puzzles ranging from Easy to Grand Master levels and a brand-new escape car. Are you geared up for the challenge?  Perfect for developing problem-solving skills during this holiday season!  
  • Colorful

    This game tests your critical thinking and patience. It is a great game for problem solvers and families alike, with thousands of levels for you and your families to solve. Get ready to spend your Christmas holidays by enjoying this game with your family!  
  • Easy to learn but difficult to master, try to cover the most ground in this unique strategy game What would be a better way to spend the holidays as a family? Choose any 2 from Air Magic Experiment Kit, 3 Color LED Light Kit, Nature Observation Kit, Smart Driver (Rush Hour), The Strategy Game & Colorful for only $30!
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